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38 Hight Street, Pinner, Harrow, HA5 5PW
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About Chin Chin

About Chin Chin

Our Executive Chef, Mr Uttam Karmorkar, is our secret ingredient. He cannot take his thinking cap for more than a minute. Conceptualising, trailing, sourcing the best ingredients and creating mouth-watering dishes is his speciality. He comes from a long line of recruitments within the hospitality industry. Starting his career in Delhi, the capital of India and the Capital of food, Chef Karmorkar has worked in Singapore, Dubai and over the past 15 years in London. We were lucky enough to recruit him from a Mayfair based luxurious Indian restaurant. He is also the menu creator and the brains behind our sister brand, Coffee 2 Cocktails, in Harrow on The Hill where our customers have shown huge appreciation for his food.

The Ambience

The restaurant has been designed into 5 elements all clearly visible in our Logo. Each Element or Room will be based on the individual colour and name chosen and will have links with other parts of the restaurant to make it flow and give uniformity. Our 5 Elements are illustrated and described below.

Each Area will leave our guests wanting to explore the other areas further and further and will encourage them to keep coming back for different experiences. No one glove will fit all.

The Quartz


Facilitating booth seating for families and groups of up to 6 giving a feeling of warmth, luxury and a feel good factor without the stress of home.

The Blossom


An unusual Pink (but not too pink) themed Bar, based around a blossom tree that’ll give you the feeling of sitting in a well-lit central London bar with fancy mixologist shaking their shakers to make the best cocktails in town.

The Jasmin


A fine dinning feel for larger groups with views of our life size Buddha with jasmine Incense being burnt around the area for the feel of TRANQUILE! Perfect for large groups and parties!

The Red Ruby


The Room with the most magic, where you will want to be booking weeks in advance for the sound and the experience of being seated next to the semi open kitchen, a space designed with the softness of circular tables. A must for all those special moments.

The Jade


Rounding off the venue, this is our enchanted space that you will have your eyes on for that special date night or engagement drinks. Decked with an igloo for upto 12 for a private dinning experience. Step and take in a world of ZEN!