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Co Yo Cho

Co Yo Cho Food Menu

V – Suitable For Vegetarian | VE - Suitable For Vegans | N - Contains Nuts | GF - Gluten Free


Prawn Crackers (GF)


Vegan Prawn Crackers


Marinated Olives


Wasabi Nuts (N)


French Fries


Sushi Roll Vegetarian

Avocado Kurimuchiju


Avocado, Philadelphia cheese, pickled cucumber, topped with Crispy Som tom.

Enchcnted Forest Maki


Enoki Tempura, Truffle paste, kewpie mayo and wafu sauce.

Sushi Roll Non- Vegetarian

Shake Wafu


Salmon inside and outside, Avocado tempura flakes, with wafu sauce.

Soft Shell Futo Maki


Tempura Crab masago, jalapeño, sauce with Teriyaki glaze.

Fried & Grilled

Vegetarian Spring Roll


Home made spring roll served with sweet chili sauce.

Vegetarian Satay


Mock Chicken On Skewers served with Peanut butter sauce.

Sweet Potato Skewers


Dice Sweet potato Skewers served with Chili Tamarind sauce.

King Prawn Skewers


King prawn marinated & grilled on skewers glazed with chili hot bean sauce.

Chicken Satay


Inner fillet chicken marinated and grilled on skewers served with peanut butter sauce.

Sriracha Chicken Wings


Grilled chicken wings glazed with Tebaskai spicy sauce.