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Cocktails &

Chin Chin

Cocktails & Martini's


Go to-ki-yo


The air is changing! a lighter, fresher, full of life elixir filled with Premium mango vodka, peach, fresh lemon juice & organic aloe vera.

The Passion to Blossom


Forever untamed, it blossomed, and so will you, with Boe passion gin, house melon infusion, apple juice topped with egg white.

Kaku Blue Fizz


Rising from the ashes, stronger, sharper and ever powerful KAKU vodka, lemongrass scents , fresh lime, blue curacao. Served long, CHILLED & INVIGORATINGLY FRESH.

Chin Kakuzo Chin


Elegantly classical, and a topper signature choice, Discover faith and emotion, the basis of our Chin Chin Joruney! Kakuzo vodka, fresh ginger, green tea infusion, finished with ginger ale to revive you.

Sshhh Yakuzaaa


Sensual, floral and a- Roma(n)tic. See what we did there?? Let the love story unfoldʼʼ. Silent Pool Rose Gin, sensual jasmine aromas, fresh lime, rhubarb & hibiscus. We love a chin chin love story!

Smoky Samu-Rai


“Obscured by the shadows, he glides across the city.” Rising through the smoky flavour, premium orange and pineapple rum, served on the rocks. Cool & breezy.

Garden of Yu Zu


The scent of flowers from gardens a thousand miles away. Rhubarb gin, hibiscus, fresh rhubarb and lime, apple and yuzu . And breathe…

Velvet Finish


Smooth till the end. Suntory Hibiki, Chambord, fresh ruby red raspberry & lime, Thai kaffir leaves and lemongrass infused. Topped till the rim with fizzy mandarin.

Unleash the Dragon


*sharing for 2 Be ready to experience Innovation in our mixology. Bold flavours, and spice to keep your on your toes . Succumb to this magenetic, charming beauty. Our Unique secret, will remain with safe with you.

Ruby Chils


Fiery, intense and flamingly intimate. Give yourself in! Spiced cherry rum, infused with exotic chillies. A bit of fire & ice?


Jasmine Martini


Ciroc white grape vodka, lemon juice, jasmine and organic aloe vera. Shaken and served straight.

Chin Chin Martini


Premium vodka, Kwai Feh lychee liqueur, rose water, apple and watermelon flavour, egg white. Served straight.

Porn Star Martini


Vanilla Vodka, passion liqueur, house made passion mix. Accompanied with a shot of champagne. Served straight.

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